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Computer Services Brantford, Ontario

  • Virus Removal / Spyware Removal / Malware Removal
  • Wired Networking / Wireless Networking
  • PC Repair / Laptop Repair
  • PC Upgrades / Laptop Upgrades
  • Windows Installations / Linux Installations / Mac Installations
  • Data Recovery
  • Password Recovery
  • Physical Cleaning / Fan Replacements
  • And Much More

We are proud of the services that we provide to both residential and commercial customers in Brantford. Brantford PC has been operating locally since January of 2007. Since then we have evolved to offer the best "On Site" services possible.

Through extensive research and development we have developed a large range of software and equipment to assist our technicians to perform services. This software and equipment is only available to our technicians and allows them to perform many services on site in a fraction of the time that is often required by other computer service companies.

No longer do you have to wait days for your computer to be repaired at a shop or have a technician in your home or office for a period of 4 - 6 hours. Most of our services are completed in less than 2 hours.


  • Laptop / Desktop Repair
  • Windows / Mac / Ubuntu Installations
  • Software Installations
  • Data Recovery
  • Hardware Diagnostics / Repair / Upgrades
  • Virus / Malware / Adware Removal
  • Physical Cleaning / Fan Replacements
  • Password Recovery
  • And More provides a very large range of on-site computer services. Our technicians are able to perform almost all tasks on site as a fast, if not faster than those performed in a shop.

We work hard to provide solutions to new computer problems, and are continuously upgrading ourselves to better serve you, our customers.

Service Rates

Windows / Mac / Ubuntu Installations $89.00
Includes Drivers, AntiVirus Software, One Major Software Installation, and Two Minor Software Installations.

Major Software Installations $29.00
Major Applications include Large Suites like Microsoft Office and Adobe CS4.

Minor Software Installations $14.00
Minor Applications include applications like WinZip/WinRar, IrfanView Photo Manager, and Digital Camera Software.

Hardware Upgrades (Hardware Extra) $29.00
Hardware Upgrades include such items as Ram, Hard Drives, PCI/PCI-E/AGP Expansion Cards, CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Drives.

Minor Virus / Malware / Adware Removal $59.00
Includes the removal of all detrimental software and the Installation/Repair/Update of an antivirus application.

Major Virus / Malware / Adware Removal $89.00
In many cases the reinstallation of the operating system is recomended.
If so the service will fall under the Windows / Mac / Ubuntu Installations.

Physical Cleaning $39.00
Includes the opening of the computer tower and the removal of all dust and other debris.
Replacement cooling fans are extra if required.

Power Supply Replacement $99.00
Complete service including Universal 350 Watt Power Supply. (Upgrade Power Supplies Extra)

Password Recovery $59.00
Includes Windows/Linux login Passwords, Bios Passwords, Router/WiFi Passwords.
Please inquire for other supported password types.

No additional travel rates will be billed inside of Brant County. Service time begins upon arrival of the service location.

Data Recovery Pick Up And Delivery Service Only
Hard Drives are removed and taken to our data recovery lab for assessment. The customer is then contacted with a recovery estimate. A recovery will only be performed upon the consent of the customer. If we are unable to recover the data, we will offer further options to the customer. If no data is recovered, or the customer wishes to not proceed with the recovery, the customer will not be billed.

Hourly Rate $59.00 / 1st Hour
$29.50 / Half Hour After
All additional services will be billed at this rate.

All services are subject to a labour minimum of the $59.00 first hour. If labour of a service is less than 1 hour the service labour will be rounded up to 1 hour at $59.00. If the service labour is equal or greater than $59.00, the posted labour prices will apply.

Payment of service is required upon completion of the service. Registered businesses will have the option to be invoiced with a 30 day payment grace period on any service other than the first, and only if the payment of the previous service is made within the appointed 30 day grace period.

Acceptable payment methods currently include Cheques, Cash, Credit Card and PayPal.


Contact Camm Services in Brantford, Ontario

Mail:Camm Services
P.O. Box 1399
Waterford, Ontario
Canada, N0E-1Y0

Office Contact Hours

Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday

Schedulable Technician Hours

Monday - FridaySaturdaySunday

24 Hour Emergency Service

An emergency is defined only as a disruption in business.

Camm Services will provide 24 hour emergency service if a technical failure is preventing a business from operating.

After hours an operator will take a call and have a technician return that call A.S.A.P.

Please Note

For liability reasons, telephone support is limited with new customers as a proper diagnostic would be required to properly advise means of resolving an issues. Any support given by a tech over the phone is meant only to help with the understanding that there will be no guarantee provided with such support.

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